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The pack participated in the annual Kootaga District/Buckskin Council University of Scouting at WVU-P on Saturday December 7.
Activity for Cub Scouts STEM NOVA was Tech Talk. Cubs and Webelos watched an episode of a show related to technology. Made a list of at least two questions or ideas what you watched. Discuss two of the questions or ideas with your counselor. Explain these parts of a personal computer, central processing unit (CPU), monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem, printer. Make a list of ten devices that can be found in a home that use a computer chip to function. Look up a defination of the word technology and discuss the meaning with your counselor. Find out how technology is used in EACH of the following: Communication, Business, Construction, Sports, Entertainment. Discuss your findings with your counselor. Visit a place where technology is being designed, used, or explained. During your visit talk to someone about the technology used where you are visiting. Why the organization is using these technologies. Discuss with your counselor the technology that is designed, used, or explained at the place your visited.
Thanks to the help of the Robotics students at WVU-P the Scouts we are able to set-up and run a small robotic vehicle and view and operated a robot designed by the WVU-P students.
The Scouts also learned about and made capapults.
Boy Scout Merit Badges classes included: Home Repair, Bird Study, Disability Awareness, Emergency Prep, Collections, Geology, Forestry, Citizenship in the World, Communications. Daniel Pitts from Troop 30 completed the Communications merit badge.
Adult leader training classes were: Cub Scout Position-Specific Training, Life to Eagle, Merit Badge Counselor, Youth Protection Training, Kootaga District Leadership Meeting.
Cubs attending: Braidin Ferrell - Eli Ferrell - Bailey Lott - James Pitts - Holden VanCamp
Leaders attending: Melanie Axley - Rob Pitts - Keith Smith
Family Members attending: Carl Ferrell - Donna Ferrell