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The pack held their monthly pack meeting September 19 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church Activity Building.

Bear Den served as the greeters.

Flag Ceremony performed by Tiger and Webelos 2 Blue Flame Phoenix Patrol.

The pre-opening was "Getting to Know You"

Everyone participated in Audience Participation "The Sad Tale of Two Famous Cowboys" and "Married Words"

The pack welcomed five new Cub Scouts and their families with an induction ceremony. The new Cubs received an arrowhead and the parents were presented with a Parent Pin lanyard. Scouts joining the pack are: Izac Dotson - Bryson Galloway Copen - Bailey Lott - Levi Lucky - Remington Matheny.

Bear Den performed a skit.

The leaders also performed a skit "I Gotta Wee"

Cubs receiving advancements:

Luke Hardbarger - Bobcat Badge + Backyard Jungle adventure

Josiah Ferrell-McAbee - Floats and Boats + Tiger Tag + Tigers in the Wild adventures + Tiger Shooting Sports Award + BB Gun Pin + Archery Pin + Slingshot Pin

Braidin Ferrell - Call of the Wolf + Grow Something + Howling at the Moon + Paws of Skill + Paws on the Path adventures + Wolf Shooting Sports Award + BB Gun Pin + Archery Pin + Slingshot Pin

Eli Ferrell - Grin and Bear It + Salmon Run adventures + Bear Shooting Sports Award + BB Gun Pin + Archery Pin + Slingshot Pin

Tucker Corbitt - Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Wolf Track

Holden Van Camp - Recruiter Patch

Tyler Hardbarger - Aquanaut

Chase Hoover - Aquanaut

Cubs and adult leaders receiving the Summertime Activity Award pin for attending at least three summertime activites: Josiah Ferrell-McAbee - Luke Hardbarger - Braidin Ferrell - Eli Ferrell - Tucker Corbitt - Hayden Hartness - Mason Scadden - Holden VanCamp - Tyler Hardbarger and leaders Melanie Axley - Leanna Corbitt - Crystal Cox-Hardbarger - Chris Long - Derek Egbert - Keith Smith

Cubs and Siblings enjoyed a game "Lasso the Steer"

The evening concluded with a Cubmaster Minute winding two ropes into one signifying "If our pack is to be strong, both the boys and parents must do their part."