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The pack held their monthly pack meeting September 20 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

Theme: "All Aboard"

Wolf Den 3 served as the greeters.

Flag Ceremony performed by Webelos 2 Headless Chicken Patrol.

Everyone participated in the Audience Participation "The Rescue from the Train Tracks" and cheers.

The pack welcomed19 new Cub Scouts and their families in an induction ceremony. The new Cubs received an arrowhead and the parents were presented with a Parent Pin lanyard.

New Cubs joining the pack with their families were:

Lion Scouts: Josiah FM - Luke H - Noah M - Jeremiah P - Archer S

Tiger Scouts: Nolan M - Daniel M - Glen N - Ash G

Wolf Scouts: Seth C - Jonah C - Levi M - Gavin S

Bear Scouts: Kaleb G - Bentley H - Isaiah P - Mason S

Webelos 1 Scouts: Trenton L - Parker M

Skits were performed by the Lion den, Tiger den, Bear den, Webelos 1 Blue Flame Phoenix Patrol, Webelos 2 Headless Chicken Patrol.

Wolf den entertained the pack with a song.

Cubs receiving advancements:

Tucker C - A Bear Goes Fishing + Salmon Run

Cubsand adult leaders receiving the Summertime Activity Award pin for attending at least one summertime activity in each of the months of June, July, and August: Braiden F - Eli F - Quincy F - Tucker C - Louis M - Holden V - Tyler H - Chase H - Draygon P - Byron L - Matthew B.

Leaders: Leanna Corbitt - Crystal Cox Hardbarger - Jennifer Hoover - Chris Long - Derek Egbert.

The Cubs and Siblings game was "Cub Scout Express."

Adult game was "Engine Coal Relay."

The evening concluded with a Cubmaster Minute "Stay on the Right Track."