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The pack held their monthly pack meeting on September 26 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

Bear Den 2 performed the Flag Ceremony.

Audience Participation "How the Moon, Sun, and Stars Got in the Sky."

Cheers were also part of the FUN.

Adult Leaders performed a skit "Cub Scouting is Many Things."

A Cub Scout Family Induction Ceremony was performed titled "Arrowhead Ceremony" with a reading from Cubmaster Keith. Each new Cub Scout receivedan arrowhead. New Cub Scouts welcomed into the pack were: Cameron A - Travis D - Kaden D - Corbin L - Seth P - Michael W - Louden F - Brody J - Damian E - Nicholas B - Anthony B - Remington C - Christian R - Anthony R.

Tiger Cubs Den 1 performed a skit "Having a Roaring Good Time."

Wolf Den 2 entertained the pack with a song.

Webelos 1 Cyclone Patrol performed a skit "Be Prepared."

The Map Advancement Ceremony included Cubs receiving advancements:

The following Bear Scouts receive beads for completing achievements towardstheir Bear Badge.

Phillip B - 2 red beads

Gary C - 1 red bead

Donnie D - 1 red bead

Colin D - 2 red beads

Daniel P - 1 red bead

Webelos 2 Cobra Patrol advancements:

Andrew A - Communicator - Webelos Compass Emblem

Brighton R - Communicator - Webelos Compass Emblem

Nathan M - Communicator - Webelos Compass Emblem

Jacob S - Communicator - Webelos Compass Emblem

Bear Scout Gary C received his World Conservation and Leave No Trace awards.

Adult Leaders Ken Jett and Arlene Jett received their Leave No Trace award.

The Cubs and Siblings enjoyed the "Cup Race" game.

Adults had FUN with the "Bean and Straw" Relay game.

The closing was"Join Hands in a Chain."

The evening concluded with refreshments.