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The pack Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday January 26, 2019 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

The afternoon began with a free Hot Dog/Chili lunch at 1:00pm followed by weigh-ins and inspection of Cubs, Siblings, Adults race cars.

Cubmaster Keith shared the Pinewood Derby history and explained the rules for the racers.

The races began with the playing of the National Anthem.

24 Cubs racing were: Matthew B - Frankie B - Jonah C - Tucker C - Quincy F - Braidin F - Eli F - Josiah FM - Hunter G - Wyatt G - Luke H - Tyler H - Bentley H - Hayden H - Chase H - Grayson K - Byron L - Louis M - Colt M - James P - Mason S - Archer S - Hunter S - Holden V.

Receiving medals were: 1st place Byron L - 2nd place Matthew B - 3rd place Quincy F.

All Cubs received a participation ribbon.

5 Siblings racing were: Mikaela Long - Phillip Balis - Daniel Pitts - Coleson Keener - Lucah Watson.

Finishing 1st place Mikaela Long - 2nd place Phillip Balis - 3rd place Lucah Watson

All Siblings racing received a participation ribbon.

9 adults from the pack racing were: Derek Egbert - Jason Axley - Chris Long - Jeff Burton - Amanda Balis - Mike Balis - Chris VanCamp - Amber Long - Carl Ferrell.

Finishing 1st place Chris Long - 2nd place Mike Balis - 3rd place Amanda Balis.

A BIG THANK YOU to the West Virginia State Police for attending and handing out speeding tickets to our Cubs and one wreckless driving citation.

Special THANKS to the Elizabeth Baptist Church for the use of their facility.