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The pack Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday January 16, 2016 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

The afternoon began with a free Hot Dog/Chili Dinner at 1:00pm followed by weigh-ins and inspection of Cubs + Siblings + Adults race cars along with a Silent Craft Auction.

After an explaination of the rules, grandparent Dean Thorn spoke of sportsmanship and the playing of the National Anthem, racing began with the Cub Scouts of Pack 30 of Elizabeth and Pack 430 of Arnolsdsburg at 2:00pm.

22 Cubs racing from Pack 30 were: Caleb A - Matthew B - Phillip B - Logan C - Travis D - Jack F - Tyler H - Chase H - Byron L - Corbin L - Ephraim L - Grayson M - Devin N - Gavin N - Grayson O - Seth P - Draygon P - Daniel P - Andrew P - Joziah R - Lincoln T - Braden W.

Receiving metals were: 1st place Devin N - 2nd place Gavin N - 3rd place Phillip B.

All Cubs racing received a participation ribbon.

14 Cubs racing from Pack 430 were: Eli B - Noah B- Nick D - Christian H - Jacob K - James K - Trenton K - David P - Luke R - Jeffrey S - Orion S - Mark Z - Matthew Z - Michael Z.

Receiving metals were: 1st place Michael Z - 2nd place Jeffrey S - 3rd place James K.

All Cub racing received a participation ribbon.

15 Siblings racing were: Emma A - Lillie C - Luke H - Lilly F - Conner H - Isabella M - Liam M - Eden P - Alivia P - James P - Lily P - Kylee S - Jacob R - Michael R - Brooke Y.

Finishing 1stwas Kylee S - 2nd Emma A - 3rd Conner H.

All Siblings racing received a participation ribbon.

11 adults from the Pack 30 and 2 adults from Pack 430raced: Amanda B - Michael B - Kenneth C - Austin D - Tom D - Derek E - Chris L - Summer L - Kalena P - Jacob S - Kurt S - Jeff P - Chet Y.

Finishing 1st was Kurt S - 2nd - Michael B - 3rd Jacob S.

Silent Craft Auction netted $291.00 and donations of $14.00.

Special THANKS to the following for donating items for the auction: Tiger Den Wreath - Wolf Den Coat Rack by Draygon P+ Braden W- Wolf Den Coat Rack by Matthew B + Byron L - Bear Den Tool Box signed by Bear Scouts Travis D + Corbin L + Seth P + Lincoln T - Webelos 1 Star String Art - Webelos 1 Moms Button Tree Canvas - Webelos 1 Scouts String Art - Webelos 1 Paw String Art - Webelos Leader Melanie A Owl String Art - Webelos Leader Melanie A Button Trees -Webelos Leader Melanie A and Webelos Scout Caleb A Coffee Cup Canvas -Pack Leader Kathy S Stoplight Fudge Brownies- Anonymous Christmas Minion.

Winning bidders of the auction items and supporting the pack were: Zina Lynch - Hurshel Skinner - Amber Long - Anessa Dille - Anita Cogar - Denzil Lynch Jr - Faith Smith.