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The pack held an outing at Camp Kootaga on May 10-11, 2019.

Friday night was optional camping.

Attending were: Matthew B - Braidin F - Eli F - Josiah FM - Asher G - Maddox G - Draygon P along with their family members Amanda Balis - Carl Ferrell - Donna Ferrell - Josh McAbee - Amy Ferrell McAbee - Jonathan Gifford - Glen Pate and Assistant Cubmaster Derek Egbert.

Breakfast was served by leaders Amanda Balis and Derek Egbert.

Cubs attending the Saturday events were: Matthew B - Tucker C - Quincy F - Braidin F - Eli F - Josiah FM - Asher G - Maddox G - Hunter G - Wyatt G - Byron L - Louis M - Draygon P - James P - Mason S.

Leaders attending: Melanie Axley - Amanda Balis - Leanna Corbitt - Derek Egbert - Rob Pitts - Keith Smith

Lunch consisted of a weiner roast.

Dinner was tacos in a bag.

Activities included: Crafts making kites by Wolf den leader Melanie Axley.

Carnival by Bear den leader Leanna Corbitt.

Scout Skills by Tiger den leader Rob Pitts.

Conservation activities by Pam Russell and Aimee Figgatt included a tour of the WV Soil Tunnel Trailer and the making of Mother's Day gifts by our Cubs Scouts.

Special activity by Assistant Cubmaster Derek Egbert.

Dens were given guidelines and asked to a make a bridge out of crafts sticks and glue. A competition was held testing each bridge to see how much weight it took to break them. Results were Tigers = 80 lbs - Wolf = 320 lbs - Bear = 120 lbs - Webelos 2 = 350 lbs.

A ceremony was performed with the burial of ashes of a flag retired at our June 2018 pack graduation.