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The pack held their monthly pack meeting on October 23 at Elizabeth Baptist Church.

The gathering included the collecting of Popcorn and T-Shirt orders.

Tiger Cubs performed the Opening/Flag Ceremony.

Audience Participation "How the Moon, Sun, and Stars Got in the Sky"

All dens entertained the pack with skits.

The pack was quized by the Cubmasters with well-known proverbs and historial persons.

The advancement ceremony consisted of each Cub receiving his advancements placed in a plastic shoebox. The idea was to signify when a new building was being built a strong box was often placed in the cornerstone of the building filled with things to remind them how things were in that day.

The Cubs were told the box was their Cub Scout time capsule and as theytreasure their years in Cub Scouting to add things that were important to them to show their children.

In addition, Cub Scouts wereasked to bring an item of importance to him to be added to thePack Time Capsule. The Pack Time Capsule will be opened at a later date yet to be determined.

Tiger Cubs receiving advancement awards:

Matthew B - 2 white beads + 2 orange beads + 2 black beads

Braxton D - 2 orange beads + 2 black beads

Byron L - 2 orange beads + 2 black beads

Braden W - 2 orange beads + 2 black beads

Wolf Scouts:

Travis D - Progress Towards Rank Totem + 2 yellow beads

Ethan F - 1 yellow bead

Corbin L - Progress Towards Rank Totem + 2 yellow beads

Seth P - Progress Towards Rank Totem + 2 yellow beads

Trent S - Bobcat Badge + Progress Towards Rank Totem + 1 yellow bead

Bear Scouts:

Caleb A - 2 red beads

Logan C - 2 red beads

Hayden C - 1 red bead

James D - 1 red bead

Andrew P - 1 red bead

Anthony R - 1 red bead

Bob T - Bobcat Badge

Webelos 2 Patriot Patrol:

Mason R - Outdoorsman

Cubs receiving a patch for attending Cub Scout Fall Adventure Camp at Camp Kootaga:

Matthew B - Phillip B - Logan C - Remy C - Hayden C - Braxton D - Travis D - Ethan F - Paul J - Byron L - Corbin L - Ephraim L - Raiden P - Seth P - Daniel P - Mason R - Anthony R - Braden W.

Cubs and Adult Leaders having October birthdays were recognized.

Cubs/Siblings game "Space Relay"

Adult game "Circles Suck-up"

The closing was "Thank You"

The evening concluded with refreshments.