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Our November pack meeting was held on November 17 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.
Cubs participated in a pre-opening craft with Bear den leader Rachael Jarvis.
Greeters were the Tiger den.
Flag Ceremony was performed by the Wolf den.
Everyone participated in the Audience Participation "A Frontier Thanksgiving" and cheers.
Skits "I Gotta Go Wee" by the Lion Cubs, Jokes by the Tiger Cubs, Skit "Got Any Duck Food" by the Wolf Cubs, Jokes and Songs by the Bear Cubs, Demonstration of Art Explosion adventure by Webelos 1 Cubs, Knot tying by Webelos 2 Cubs.
Cub receiving advancements:
Wyatt Segall - Bobcat Badge + Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure
Elijah Underwood - Bobcat Badge + My Tiger Jungle adventure
Spencer West - Bobcat Badge + My Tiger Jungle adventure
Wyatt Yoak - Bobcat Badge + Call of the Wild and Running with the Pack adventures
Zachary Belt - King of the Jungle and Lion's Honor adventures
Barrett Davis - Call of the Wild adventure
Jaxsen Exline - Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure
Braxton George - Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure
Wyatt Stegall - Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure
Luke Hardbarger - Protect Yourself Rules AOL adventure
Other Cubs attending: Carson George - Jack Jarvis - Brantley Little - Silas McVey - Murphy Towner.
Elijah Underwood was presented with a patch for attending Fall Adventure Camp at Camp Kootaga.
Cubs receiving patches for selling popcorn: Zachary Belt - Barrett Davis - Jaxsen Exline - Luke Hardbarger - Jack Jarvis - William Robinson - Wyatt Stegall - Lincoln Traugh.
Special THANKS to Mike Murray from Crossroads General Store in Wirt County who brought furs and talked to the pack.