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The pack held their monthly pack meeting on November 20 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

This month's theme was "Land of Make Believe."

The gathering included the making of Thanksgiving headbands under the direction of Wolf Leader Kalena Pack.

Wolf Den 2 performed the Opening/Flag Ceremony.

Audience Participation "Discovery of the Jolly Green Giant."

Cheers and Applauses was part of the FUN.

The Tiger Cubs gave a presentation of their family scrapbooks they made in completing den activity #1.

Skits were performed by the Wolf and Webelos 2 Patriot Patrol.

Bear den entertained the pack with a song.

Webelos 1 Redneck Eagle Patrol performed a demonstration of the crushing a bridge each of the boys made in earning the Engineer activity badge. Results were amount of weight to crush their bridge:

Phillip B - 240 lbs

Daniel P - 130 lbs

Devin N - 107 lbs

Gavin N - 107 lbs

Donnie D - 75 lbs

Assistant Cubmaster Derek Egbert - 32 lbs

Webelos 2 Cyclone Patrol performed a demonstration about what they learned in earning the Readyman activity badge.

The advancement ceremony consisted of the story of Johnny Applesead. Each Cub receiving advancement awards was presented with an apple as a reminder of the good work by Johnny Applesead.

Cubs receiving advancements were:

Tiger Cubs

Matthew B - 1 orange bead + 1 white bead

Braxton D - 1 orange bead + 3 white beads

Byron L - 1 orange bead + 2 white beads

Braden W - 1 orange bead + 3 white beads


Travis D - 1 yellow bead

Corbin L - 1 yellow bead

Seth P - 1 yellow bead

Webelos 1 Redneck Eagle Patrol

Phillip B - Artist + Citizen + Geologist + Outdoorsman + Readyman + Traveler

Donnie D - Citizen + Geologist + Traveler

Devin N - Citizen + Geologist + Traveler

Gavin N - Citizen + Geologist + Traveler

Daniel P - Artist + Citizen + Geologist + Outdoorsman + Traveler

Webelos 2 Cyclone Patrol

Thomas C - Bobcat Badge

Webelos 2 Patriot Patrol

Nicholas B - Readyman + Compass Point

Remington C - Readyman

Raiden P - Fitness + Outdoorsman + Readyman + Scholar

Christian R - Webelos Badge + Readyman + Traveler

Mason R - Webelos Badge + Artist + Citizen + Family Member + Fitness + Geologist + Readyman + Webelos Compass

All the leaders, and parents were asked to stand and be recognized as the apple polisher for sending treats, driving on field trips, participating in pack activities, helping a boy complete a Scout task and supporting Cub Scouting. May Scouting continue to grow and be a vital part of our children's lives.

Two Bear Scouts, Logan C and Andrew P completed all the requirements and were presented with the Whittling Chip card and patch.

Webelos 2 Patriot Patrol leaders, Aaron Rice and Jerry Bain were presented with their trained patch for completing Youth Protection and Webelos Specific Leader training.

Cubs/Siblings game "Crab-Crawl Relay."

Adult game was "Life's Little Riddles."

The closing was "Folklore."

The evening concluded with refreshments.