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Cubs,Siblings, Adult Leaders, and Family Members of the pack participated in Allohak Council Cub Scout Fall Adventure Camp on October 7-9 at Camp Kootaga.

This year's theme was"Camp Kootaga Tough."

Optional camping was available on Friday and Saturday nights.

Tiger adventure activities: Backyard Jungle, Safe and Smart, Rolling Tigers, Crafts, Games at theGaGa Ball Pit, and Stories and Shapes.

Wolf adventure activities: Crafts, Germs Alive, Games, Call of the Wild, and Paws on the Path.

Bear adventure activities: Bear Necessities, Beat of the Drum, Bear Claws, Furs-Feathers & Ferns, and Crafts.

Webelos adventure activities: Service Project, Into the Woods, Crafts, Camper, Knots&Lashings.

All groups enjoyed BB gun shooting, Archery, and an Outdoor magic show at Curly's campfire, and meals.

G-Force Strength Unit performed on Sunday morning.

16 cubs attending were: Matthew B - Trenton B - Tucker C - Austin D - Travis D - Jason E - Ethan F - Tyler H - Chase H - Kayden L - Byron L - Corbin L - Grayson M - Liam M - Draygon P - Braden W.

4 siblings attending were: Phillip B - Connor H - Brandon F - Rose L.

8 leaders attending were: Amanda Balis - Michael Balis - Derek Egbert - Crystal Hardbarger - Chris Long - Summer Lucky - Jeremy March - Keith Smith.

10 family members attending were: Chase Corbitt - Terry Dennis Jr - Tom Dille - Brian Enoch - Jennifer Hoover, Randy Hoover, Dewayne Lucky - Curt Moore - Glen Pate - Erica Whipkey.

The pack sends a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff for their hard work on this event!