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Pizza Party.jpeg - 160 x 119
The pack's December activity was a Pizza Party/Family Board Game Night on December 15 at the Elizabeth United Methodist Church.
The evening began with pizza from Papa John's.
Everyone particpated in the Audience Participation "The House Where Santa Claus Lives."
Cubs receiving advancements were:
Zachary Belt - Animal Kingdom adventure
Elijah Underwood - Tiger Bites + Tigers in the Wild adventures
Spencer West - Tiger Bites + Tigers in the Wild adventures
Barrett Davis - Adventure in Coins + Running with the Pack + Protect Yourself Rules adventures
Carson George - Fellowship and Duty to God adventure
Greyson Primm - Fellowhip and Duty to God adventure
Jaxsen Exline - Art Explosion adventure
Braxton George - Art Explosion adventure
Luke Hardbarger - Game Design adventure
Cubs receiving patches for helping with Scouting for Food were Zachary Belt - Braxton George - Carson George - Luke Hardbarger - Greyson Primm - Elijah Underwood - Spencer West. Leaders Derek Egbert - Crystal Cox-Hardbarger - Vonda Shears - Keith Smith.
The evening concluded with families playing board games.