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Christmas Wreath 2.gif - 107 x 113
The pack held their monthly pack meeting on December 20 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church Activity Building.
Our Tiger Scouts and Webelos 2 served as greeters.
Flag Ceremony was performed by Wolf den.
The pack was entertained with the playing of "Jingle Bells"on his saxphone by Webelos 2 Scout Tyler Hardbarger assisted by Tiger Scout and brother Luke Hardbarger.
Each Scout was presented with a Belt Loop Board made by Jeff Burton, grandparent of Webelos 1 Scout Tucker Corbitt.
Cubs receiving advancements:
Levi Lucky - Animal Kingdom + Mountain Lion adventures
Josiah Ferrell-McAbee - Family Stories + Safe and Smart + Sky is the Limit + Tiger Theater adventures
Luke Hardbarger - Tigers in the Wild adventure
Remington Matheny - Backyard Jungle adventure + Bobcat Badge
Braidin Ferrell - Code of the Wolf + Council Fire + Motor Away + Spirit of the Water adventures
James Pitts - Code of the Wolf + Council Fire + Howling at the Moon + Spirit of the Water adventures
Eli Ferrell - Beat of the Drum + Super Science adventures
Bailey Lott - Paws for Action (Duty to Country) + Cyber Chip + Bobcat Badge
Tucker Corbitt - Yo-Yo adventure
Izac Dotson - Yo-Yo adventure + Bobcat Badge
Hayden Hartness - Cast Iron Chef + Yo-Yo adventure
Hunter Snyder - Stronger, Faster, Higher + Yo-Yo adventures
Holden VanCamp - Yo-Yo adventure
Tyler Hardbarger - Maestro! adventure
Five Scouts were awarded the NOVA/Stem Teck Talk adventure: Braidin Ferrell - Eli Ferrell - Bailey Lott - James Pitts - Holden VanCamp. This award was earned at University of Scouting at WVU-P on December 7.
Popcorn patches were presented to: Tucker Corbitt - Izac Dotson - Braidin Ferrell - Eli Ferrell - Josiah Ferrell-McAbee - Bryson Galloway-Copen - Luke Hardbarger - Tyler Hardbarger - Hayden Hartness - Bailey Lott - Remington Matheny - James Pitts - Hunter Snyder - Holden VanCamp.
Pinewood Derby car kits and rules were given to Cubs, Siblings, Adults.
A game consisted of a "Snowball Fight" with white tube socks that were donated to the local Hope Shop after the pack meeting.
The evening concluded with the group enjoying the movie Santa Claus 2 with popcorn, goodies, and drinks.