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The pack held their monthly pack meeting on April 19 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.
This month's theme was Invention Convention.
Each Cub previously received a genius kit which included numerous items including a six inch wood board, coat hanger, tin can, buttons, a key, cotton balls, marble, balloon, paper clips, nails, tacks, screws, springs, thread spool, plastic spoon, plastic cup, paper plates, beads, string, cork, piece of cloth, feather, seashell, stickers, pipe cleaners, dowel, popsicle sticks, clothespins, goggle eyes, match sticks, bottle cap, golf tee, foam strip, plastic strip.
Instructions were to make an invention with any of the items included, but not add anything and bring to the pack meeting for judging.
Homemade prizes made by Cubmaster Keith were presented to:
Zachary Belt - Most Useful
Jaxsen Exline - Neatest
Wyatt Stegall - Most Colorful
Barrett Davis - Most Realistic
Braxton George - Sharpest
Carson George - Funniest
Greyson Primm - Most Unusual
Jack Jarvis - Most Intelligent
Murphy Towner - Most Creative
Luke Hardbarger - Best Workmanship
Cubs receiving advancements were:
Zachary Belt - Gizmos and Gadgets + On Your Mark + Pick My Path + Ready, Set, Grow adventures + Lion Super Achiever Patch for earning all 13 Lion adventures
Barrett Davis - Code of the Wolf + Paws of Skill + Spirit of the Water adventures
Jaxsen Exline - Aware and Care + Into the Wild + Sports Webelos adventures
Braxton George - Into the Wild + Sports Webelos adventures
Wyatt Stegall - Aware and Care + Into the Wild + Sports Webelos adventures
Luke Hardbarger - Adventure in Science + Build It + Castaway Webelos adventures
Everyone participated in the "Too Much Go" audience participation.
Cubmaster Minute was Six Million reading.
Special THANKS to Danny and Pat Egbert for judging the Cubs Inventions.
Pics can be found on our main page under the Photo Tab.