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This was the fifth year for the pack making apple butter.

The two day event began with the prepartion of apples on Saturday March 18, 2017 at the Elizabeth Baptist Church.

Day 2 was the actual cooking of the apple butter at Sportsman's Park in Elizabeth on Sunday March 19, 2017.

Lunch was provided which included hot dogs, fixins, chip, cookies, and drinks.

The results of the five kettles were 273 pints of delicious apple butter.

Cubs participating in the event were: Caleb A - Frankie B - Travis D - Austin De - Tyler H - Byron L - Corbin L - Grayson M - Liam M - Seth P - Landon P - Preston P.

Leaders participating in the event were: Jeremy March - Crystal Hardbarger - Summer Lucky - Kalena Pack - Melanie Axley - Chris Long - Derek Egbert - Keith Smith.

Several siblings also participated along with adult family members.

Special THANKS to Ken and Arlene Jett and everyone who helped make this event a BIG success.